About Us

Lewis Coastal Homes is a custom home building company founded in 2020, providing both a construction and real estate service that custom clients need. We provide a seamless process for buying and building, and the process is simple: find your land, design a plan, build the budget, and build your home! Our one stop service provides an important element of construction expertise while looking for land. There are countless variables while looking for property that could quickly make or break a budget, or even worse, your vision and dream. Let our licensed broker start a free search for you today!
At Lewis Coastal Homes we are strongly built on transparency and relationships. This allows us to provide the best service you can find. We do not shop labor! Instead, we use the same incredible team of contractors on each project. This ensures reliability and a level of quality that is built on years of relationship. Our team carries out each project with a developed understanding that we expect the absolute best, and that we will sacrifice time, expense, and inconvenience for quality. As perfectionists, we cannot accept anything less!


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